Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's In Your Bag?

Why this is my favorite new knitting bag! If you own Denise Needles, please read to the end.

Do you remember "Art Linkletter-Kids Say The Darndest Things" (<--click) (perhaps on reruns) with the cute kids who told it like it was when posed a question? Of course, like your kids or grandkids, they were as cute as buttons.

Mr. Linkletter used to also go up in the audience and ask women to share the contents of their handbags with the viewing audience. If someone had a prenamed unusual item (such as a boiled egg), they would win a prize.

Speaking of bags, so what is in your knitting bag? Here's what I have in mine.

I purchased this Debbie Mumm quilting bag at Jo'Ann's for 40% off with coupon. I thought it was very appropriate as a knitting bag. Final price was about $10.00 I didn't particularly like the fabric or the colors. I have a gazillion bags but this one really served the purpose. Let me show you why.

There are three main sections as well as an outside pocket. I like the fact that it is zippered so I don't accidentally loose a needle or other item.
  1. First section has three individual zippered clear view pockets that hold my: stitch markers (Altoid metal container...perfect!)
  2. Yarn sewing needles (again in metal container)
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Stitch Holders
  6. My business cards (I lose the bag and they know who it belongs to.)
  7. Cable Needles
  8. Row Counters
  9. Needle Inventory Card (which never seems to be up-t0-date)
  10. Gauge Ruler (which looks impressive but I hardly ever use it)
  11. Post It Notes (used to easily locate a pattern in a book)
  12. Nail file (don't want to make pulls in my yarn)
  13. Cell phone or small clock to remind me I have other things in my life to do besides knitting
  14. Yarn Requirement Chart (I don't know how I ever lived without this.)
  15. My trusty crochet hook
  16. Energy bar (exercising those knitting fingers ..well!)
  17. Calculator
The third section holds my project of the day along with the pattern. Again it has zippered pockets within this section.
But, what really sold me on this bag is the 2nd or middle section which very comfortably holds..........

my Denise Needles and protects the case and makes for easy portability.

Tell me what is in your bag!!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. I've pared down my knitting bag to one of those project bags. Generally for socks, although larger items have been carried in it. I have a small 3x3 inch plastic box with a few stitch markers and row markers, a yarn needle and yarn cutter.

    I do have a storage bag that has most of DPNs, and a larger box with notions and scissors.

    My two sets of Denise needles and three sets of Boye's are on my knitting shelf in my bedroom.

  2. That is a great bag and the price is right!

  3. Love the bag! Mine is a cluttered mess! I have a plastic container for cable needles, markers, scissors,tape, etc. 2 knitting projects, patterns for each project all clumped in one small bag. I have to take everything out just to find what I'm looking for.

  4. UM, WHICH BAG???? LOL. Yes, I have too, too many knitting bags, and two of them hold my Denise needles; the originals, the ones with the turquoise cables and white needles. I bet I would love your pink set too.

  5. I LOVE your bag. I have soooo many different bags around here. All with different things in them. The bag closest to me here is full of small balls of leftover cotton.

  6. Very nice bag! Enjoy.

    Each of my knitting projects is in its own bag, most of them simple tote bags without even an unzippered pocket. But I have several little kits made up in those travel bags with zippers, where I keep my tape measures, cable needles, crochet hook, stitch markers and so on.

    My purse is an enormous thing (boringly black, but it goes with everything, dahling) with three main sections. Sock in progress and accessories go in one pocket, wallet and so forth in the other two.

    Dull. I am SO dull!

  7. I love your bag & the price! It was calling you name as soon as you entered the store, wasn't it? LOL!

    I have one primary bag that I use for knitting. It's navy blue & I got it from Avon about 15 yrs. ago. We used to use it for toting the kid's library books back & forth. I also have that draw-string sock-knitting bag that fastens to a belt-loop or to a purse.

    Question: Item 14. "Yarn Requirement Chart (I don't know how I ever lived without this.)" What is a Yarn Requirement Chart.