Monday, February 16, 2009

What Happens When You Lose Your Handbag In Vermont!

Pattern: Thermis
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease
Needles: Size 7

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Before I tell you about "What happens when you lose your handbag in Vermont", an update on my knitting!

Another Thermis completed. This one is for a friend and has been knitted with shorter repeats than the blue one. I still need to add my label before giving it to the recipient. She doesn't read my blog so it is safe to post it now.

Again, it's about the buttons. The cream one has black leather buttons.

I purchased a new toy yesterday. I had been comparison shopping for several weeks and when I saw this one in the Best Buy flier and the price, that clinched the sale. I was there before the store opened, the 3rd person in a long line. I had time to chat with the folks behind me and I expressed concern that I might get trampled and that I certainly could not run down the long aisle and would probably lose out. They told me not to worry, they would do it for me. Best Buy came outside and gave us #'s assuring us that the computers would be handed out in the order of the numbers. I'm sure they didn't want a repeat of the event last Christmas at WalMart where a worker was trampled to death. Customer service was fantastic.
This Hewlard Packard computer has a 15" screen, 250 gig memory 300 gig hard drive (or should that be megabytes...I always get those confused). I kept my knitting by my old computer as it was so very, very slow. The price was an unbelievable one so if you are in the market, check it out.
I was so excited to buy this laptop that I loaded it in the car and drove home but stopped at McD's for a beverage. I had change in the cubby to the car and paid for it. I sat in my car, sipped my beverage and read the manual for my laptop. When I arrived home, I realized that I HAD LEFT MY HANDBAG IN THE CART IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL PARKING LOT!
As I drove back to the mall, praying really hard that someone had turned in my handbag, and feeling pretty confident that Vermonters are pretty honest, that my bag would be waiting for me in the store. You see, ten years ago the same thing happened to me in a park in Burlington and a homeless person walked to the police station and turned it in. Had times changed?
I walked in the store and the clerk at the door said, "Sorry, no one has turned in a handbag!" I was taking a mental inventory of what was in my bag. Less than $20 but my work badge ($15 to replace), my various "cards", my drivers license, my checkbook. Yikes!!!!
So, I decided to walk over to "Customer Service" anyway by chance that they had it. The answer again was "No"...but "I'll ask someone else." So while waiting a customer came over to tell me that someone had turned it in and sure enough someone from the back came and asked me to identify the contents.
My bag was intact, money (what little there was) and all!
See why I continue to live in Vermont!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Sounds like you had an exciting day. Your new toy looks great. Now when I come up I'll bring mine abd I can go on line at your place. Enjoy it, you deserve to have some thing nice.

  2. Gosh in CA that bag would have been GONE!

    Love the Thermis' and of course the buttons. Have fun with your new toy!

  3. Yay for the nice person that turned in your purse!!! Looks like a nice new toy. :)

  4. So glad you got your purse back okay! I would love to live in Vermont, but Avi would never agree (he hates being cold)...

    Love your new toy! So handsome and elegant looking. May you have a long and harmonious relationship.

    Your Thermis (both of them, actually) is beautiful!

  5. I'm so glad you got your bag back and everything was in tack! I left mine in the parking lot of a grocery store in a not so good area. Had stopped there to pick something up for my mom on the way home from a hospital trip. Luckly, the cart boy saw it and turned it in before anyone had a chance to take it. There are good people still out there!

  6. OMG, Joansie, you are so lucky; just like Jill said, that bag would be so GONE here in California. You have a nice toy, and an amazing price; why in the world was it so inexpensive? Great to have a laptop, huh?

  7. I'm so happy that your story had a happy ending, Joansie!
    My mom left her purse in her shopping cart in the Wal-Mart parking lot here a few years ago. A young man who worked there and pushed the carts back inside had discovered it and turned it in for her. She wasn't nearly as hopeful as you, but thankfully, an honest person found hers, too.

    I love your Thermis'.

  8. lucky lady. Though I have done that at least twice and had everything intact here too.

  9. What a great & true & wonderful story! I love the neck-warmers. I really don't like to make button-holes or sew buttons. The! Have fun!

  10. Very, very cool.

    My mom left her purse in the cafeteria at Stanford Hospital two weeks ago, came back to my room, realized almost instantly and went dashing across the hospital, and there it was, waiting for her.

    Good people help keep the world turning right way around.

  11. Yep, Vermont is great. I left my wallet in a shopping cart in a parking lot once, and it was turned in, all contents intact.
    When I first moved to this town, 20-some years ago, they were running a public service message on the radio: Someone is stealing small valuable objects from parked cars in (town name), so please don't leave small valuable objects in your car unless you're locking it. (This cracked me up, since I had moved here from an area where your *car* would be gone if you left it unlocked...)

  12. Your thermis' are lovely. Nice job.