Sunday, July 3, 2011

Iceling Baby Sweater

Pattern:  Iceling Baby Sweater  (purchase on
Yarn:  Plymouth Encore (2 balls)
Needles:  Size 8
Size:  3 months (sweater) 6 months (hat)

What a fun and quick knit!!  Knitted from the neck down, there is no seaming and only a few ends to weave in.   This pattern is very well-written.

I knitted the hat a size larger than the sweater as I was concerned it might be too small.  The garter stitch edge is folded up and can be made larger by removing the button and unfolding the edge.

This picture shows the true color of the sweater.  A very suitable color for either a little baby boy or baby girl.

This sweater has I-cord buttonholes.  If you've never knitted this type of buttonhole, it is really quite nice.

Of course, I always sew clear buttons on the inside as reinforcement.

and I also add my personalized label.  Someone asked where I purchased these labels and I can't remember what the website name is.  Sorry!!!

My daughter, Amy, knitted the same pattern in blue for a family baby shower a week ago.

Cute little tractor buttons!  Great job, Amy. 

As you can imagine, I am delighted to have a daughter who enjoys knitting as much as I do.

I'm on vacation this week and it feels wonderful, refreshing and energizing. The weather has been a mix of sunshine, thunderstorms and cloudiness.  It's ok......I'm happy knitting indoors or outdoors.  There will be other fun things as the week progresses depending on what my inner joyful person tells me to do.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Beautiful sweaters! I'm going to have to make one of those. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Love both of these sweaters. I'm still working on my top down sweaters.

  3. Those are wonderful! I'm now feeling an urge to cast on a baby sweater. I even know someone who just had a baby...
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Both sweaters are awesome! Love the hats, too! Great choice of the buttons! This is on my to-do-list. I have to check out the i-cord buttonholes...interesting.

  5. Oh! Both you and your daughter's sweaters are darling. I really like the look of the Encore yarn. Isn't is amazing how a little vacation can change your perspective? I have to go back to teach summer school for two weeks, starting tomorrow. I'm OK with that but glad I have several weeks of vacation again after that.

  6. OMG, You've been blogging, and I've been missing it! Wonder why you aren't showing up on ravelry?

    Love the sweaters. I hope you are well!

  7. Cute sweater, think I like the red better than the blue. The wooden buttons are perfect for it. I've been working hard at doing more involved knitting where near your ability, but making some progress. (working on a ghan for a wedding gift)

  8. What Briley said!!! So good to see you back on line, I have missed your posts so much!!!! Your knitting is always amazing - I love watching what you are working on ;).

  9. cute pattern - I think making the larger hat was a good call ... baby's heads are always bigger than one would expect

  10. Deb sent me over to check out your blog and you have some great work! I love the baby sweaters, especially the red one in this post! I have no idea how to knit a sweater (I only know how to knit hats and washcloths) but I recently crocheted a little cardigan for the baby I'm expecting. I'm better at crocheting!

  11. I love them! must find the pattern