Friday, April 1, 2011

Knitting Apps

I must confess. I have a new addiction. Yes, I know that it is one of many but all my addictions are creative and not harmful except for the Diet Pepsi monster. This newest one is free to affordable. It's apps for my know, like in applications.
The contract on my cell phone with Verizon expired last October at which time I could upgrade for a small to huge fee, of course. The rumor mill was ripe with information that the IPhone 4 would soon be available with my Verizon carrier. The magic date in February arrived and the  IPhone 4 cell phone purchased was made. I love it!I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

So, you are wondering about the knitting apps. They are pretty cool!!!!!
Here are a few I have downloaded and if my aging memory serves me right, they were all free except for the spinning app.

StitchMinder - My favorite knitting app, I think it is self-explanatory.  The settings allow ascending and descending tracking.
KnitGauge - Useful tool for measuring swatches. I’m amazed at how this one works.  Align your swatch with the needles and drag one of the needles to the area you designate on your swatch and it will provide you with the info you want.
I really like the measuring tape and find it useful for a number of things when shopping.

Row Counter - Very basic and useful

Knit Counter - (sorry, no pic available) A lot like Ravelry except you can keep this info private till you are ready to share it with the Ravelry knitting world.

KnitMinder - Keeps track of projects, UFO, etc. Similar to some of the others that are available.
IKnit NdlSzr - not that impressive but it works in a pinch

SockCalc - (forgot to take a picture of this one) Want customized socks? This free app is for you. Late last year I purchased a similar software program for $30. Just goes to show you that if you wait awhile, it will be free.

A spinning app for fiber addicts!

WEBS, Kaleidescope Yarn (my LYS) and Knitting Daily, where are the topics are neatly stored as opposed to lost in my e-mail in-box, are part of this group.

I have many other apps ranging from NASA to entertainment. I have the Martha Stewart app where every afternoon (I selected the time) I receive a recipe along with a grocery list specialized to my local grocery store of choice according to aisle.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh, you kids, always have to have the latest. LOL

  2. Pretty soon you're going to need an app to keep track of your apps... 8)

  3. hi joan, i came here from kristi's (fiberfool). thanks for sharing these apps, i'll be looking into sockcalc for sure!!

  4. OMG! What an influence you are. First the this! LOL!

  5. Oh dear. I've been trying so hard not to buy an Iphone, but...!

  6. How cool! I just got an iPad this weekend and have started downloading apps. I see we have a lot of the same ones (probably the ones that are available for both iPhones and iPads). And I've started putting my patterns into Goodreads. Fun!

  7. they seem to have a lot of apps. LOL!

  8. I had no idea these existed. WOW. Hubby has a droid and loves his apps. I have a phone. He reads the news etc on his, no sure I could get used to tiny print; but maybe I need to upgrade.

  9. Thanks for the follow up, appreciate the additional info.