Friday, February 5, 2010

Norma and Her House Guest

Jill, Norma, Jill's daughter, Shawn and Me!!

Norma was having Gale Zucker as a house guest yesterday and invited me to join them at my favorite LYS owned by Jill.  Be sure to click on Norma's name to see more pictures and more information.  (Smart of me to let Norma blog first...shhhh!!!!)

Gale did the photography for the book "Shear Spirit" and took this group picture. Of course, she is behind the camera.  A pic of Gale is on Norma's blog.

There was lots of knitting to go along with the laughter or was it the other way around?

Norma and I try to get together one evening a week at “Juniors” for a bite to eat and some knitting. I think they will soon put a brass plate with our names on the booth we always sit at.

I’m currently teaching two knitting classes two evenings a week for the month of February. Of course, I am thoroughly enjoying the knitters. My “Beginner Knitting” class was going to be canceled due to not enough registrants and one of the registrants was so disappointed that she recruited others to fill the minimum requirements in order to make the class happen. My other class is a mitten class.

In the spring I’ll be teaching two “Advanced Knitting” classes. I’ve yet to decide on what patterns I’ll be using. Suggestions are welcomed.

Saturday morning I am going to the "Penguin Plunge" to benefit the "Special Olympics. Are you kidding? I know what you are thinking.  Me, (a grandma but the same age as Cher) in a bathing suit. What makes you think that if I won’t wear one in the summer months that I will wear one during the winter and have a good dunkin' in frigid water! The event is to raise money for charity. However, I can be bought!!!! Offer me enough money for this very worthwhile charity and I will do it.) I’m going to take photos.

Hehe....sorry, but my readers think I'm going to plunge in the water and was going to take pictures!!!  No, no, no...I'm going to take pictures of those brave people going in the lake while I stay warm.

Happy Knitting!


  1. You do know how to have fun. Good food...good company...good knitting!

    The Penguin Plunge? Is that your something new adventure for the month?'re brave! I hate cold weather & cold water. I can't wait to see the photos.

  2. Gotta love someone who will recruit people in order to take a class!
    Good luck with the Penguin Plunge. I'll be cheering for you from the depths of an afghan in my nice heated living room...
    (You're a braver woman than I am.)

  3. Great meeting you Joan, thanks for joining in at Kaleidoscope yesterday. You Vermont knitters know how to have a good time.

  4. Oh, fun ! Are you really going to do that Penguin Plunge thing ?!? Well... have a good time (smile).
    What a nice get together. Leave it to Norma !

  5. You always seem to have so much "knitting" fun! Your LYS looks fabulous!! I've got to visit a couple of the local shops and see if I can make a connection so I've got a place to go an knit!

  6. Tell Jill hi for me, and I wish I could be there!

  7. you look like you were really enjoying your self...glad for you...I would stay out of the water too...